6 Questions for You Must Ask an Event Planner Before Hiring Her

1. “How much will it cost to hire you as my event planner?”

The range of services of event planners vary a lot, but high-end ones usually charge a flat free of around $40,000, in addition to $10,000 per event hour. That amount should be the only check you will write. It already covers everything from the catering, venue and florists to event invitations, entertainment, security and rehearsal dinners.

2. “How early do we need to start the event planning process?”

Top event planners in Malaysia start anywhere from 3 months to 2 years before event. The most crucial part here is the venue. Once you have that space, anything else is doable. Then, for your guests, allow at least 6 months for them to plan their own schedules, most especially if the event involves long hours of travel.

3. “Do you think I need to hire an event planner?”

An event planner can take away the stress involved in organizing an event. One of the great things about hiring one is that you can get discounts from top vendors and suppliers. A reputable planner is well connected, and has good relationships with the most reputable florists and other vendors. You will gain access to the best people in the industry.

4. “Will you attend my own event?”

You are paying the event planner a big fee, so you must know the kind of work she is willing to deliver.

5. “What types of event have you planned previously?”

Check the potential planner’s website and portfolio, so you can get a feel of her style and work ethic. Ask them about their routine. You must know if it is the planner herself who chose the event flower arrangements, and booked the venue. Learn more about her creative process.

6. “Will we deal with you most of the time, or should we reach out more to your assistants?”

Accessibility is the key to good communication. Many months before your event, don’t expect your planner to call you every 5 minutes. However, as the day approaches, you must be able to get her on the email or phone a lot faster.