7 Typical Mistakes People Make in Web Design

1. Missing Call-to-Action Buttons

No matter what industry you are in, you should work hard to convert visitors and generate more sales. This means that no matter what niche you are dealing with, call-to-action buttons are essential. By adding CTAs in strategic areas, your readers will know where to go, and what to do next. This is a key point in your website that you should never forget. Keep your CTAs succinct and simple.

2. Hiding Contact Details

A huge percentage of people who visit websites want to see business contact details. If they don’t see it instantly, they become frustrated and leave immediately. Contact information is a major key in improving conversion rate, and encouraging visitors to get in touch with your brand.

3. Clueless Navigation

Website navigation must be predictable, consistent and simple. No matter what niche you are in, and who your target customers are, you should focus on this for long-term success. Web pages are not puzzles, you people should be able to understand everything in the simplest ways possible.

4. Color Overload

Choosing a color scheme for a website may sound simple, but it’s not that easy for everyone. In fact, it’s pretty normal for a business owner to consult with an online marketing agency when it comes to picking colors. Stay focused on picking your brand’s colors. It should perfectly represent your brand and your business.

5. Bad Readability

Huge chunks of text are boring and uninteresting for many users. This equates to bad readability. In order for your web design to be effective, your content should be easy to scan and browse. Break long paragraphs into smaller blocks of text. Then, incorporate more white space for some breathing room.

6. Memorable Domain Name

Your domain name is as important as your company name. Keep in mind that readers see your domain name first before anything else on your website. Make sure that your domain name would generate a positive impression and reaction. How can you make it stand out?

7. Cluttered Homepage

Cluttered web pages would soon lead to confused and distracted readers. Clutter would distract your visitors from finding the details they are looking for. Don’t waste their time. Avoid using plenty of images, different fonts, and huge blocks of text. These mistakes can cost you potential clients.