Baby Bathtub Buying Guide Every Parent Should Know

Giving your infant a baby bath is something that every parent should do, not only to keep their babies clean but to also ensure that they are feeling fresh and comfortable.

That being said, it is important that you get a bathtub specifically made for them. While there are many options out there, you can opt for the most basic one that has rounded corners and edges to ensure that your baby won’t get bumps and bruises.

Also, you may want to couple that with an organic baby soap which doesn’t have any harmful chemicals added that will be perfectly safe on your baby’s skin.

If you are looking for a guide to help you buy a baby bathtub, then you’ve come to the right place. Be sure to read through the entire piece to know some valuable information.

The Basics

When you are going to buy a bathtub for your baby, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, how old is your baby? If you are going to bathe babies under 6 months old, you should buy a tub that has a contoured design so that they will be in a more relaxed and upright position.

There are also some that have a removable fabric cradle or mesh that will prevent your baby from moving around. It is quite useful, especially since babies tend to be fidgety and may slip and slide when they’re on a tub.

When your baby grows older, an infant tub might not be the best for them. That is why you need to transition to a regular bathtub instead. If you are going for the standard one, make sure that you also buy a non-skid rubber surface and put it on the tub to prevent your baby from sliding.

If you want a tub that your baby can use up to the time that they become toddlers, then you may want to opt for a convertible bathtub instead. These tubs usually come with removable slings as well.

If you want to get more fancy and you want more convenience, you can also buy one of those baby spas that come with a lot of features, including a showerhead nozzle that activates with a press of a button, as well as many other things. They are quite expensive, but it can be convenient as well.

Important Features

Of course, the bathtub that you’re going to buy should come with some nifty features as well, including:

  • Contoured Design- To help keep your baby in place
  • Attached Plug- To help you drain water with ease
  • Portability- If space is a concern for you, then getting either a foldable or inflatable bathtub is the way to go
  • Temperature Monitor- Your baby needs to bathe in lukewarm water. Anything hot or cold than that could present major problems. That is why getting a temperature indicator such as a bath thermometer can be a good addition.
  • Hook or Handle- Of course, you are going to store the bathtub after usage and having an additional hook or handle will make it easier for you to do so.