Buying the Best Luxury Watch: 4 Basic Tips

1. Set a realistic budget.

The financial aspect must be at the forefront of your decision-making process. Never head over to the watch retailer store without a fixed budget in mind. A starter luxury watch can start anywhere from RM4,000 to around RM50,000. Those above the RM50,000 mark are regarded as ultra-luxury, and the costs have no ceiling.

2. List down all of your options.

There are tons of women’s and men’s watches in Malaysia. Failing to research would lead to confusing and overwhelming feeling! Purchasing your first ever luxury watch is a big deal, considering the big amount that you will be spending.

Look in the different watch models and brands that you want to buy. Are you aiming a Swiss-made timepiece? One of the best Swiss mechanical watches that you can consider is the Omega Seamaster. You will never go wrong with the magic of Swiss luxury watchmaking.

List down all of the watch models and brands that appeal most to you. The next step is to narrow it down, until you end up with your perfect choice.

3. Your own personal style is your statement.

The most enjoyable, and easiest part of buying your timepiece is looking for the one that matches your personal style. If you don’t genuine love it, and you don’t feel comfortable while wearing it on your wrist, then that watch is not for you. If you are looking into luxury sports watches, Breitling is a top brand that has long been connected with aviation. However, if you are a diver, Omega is the number one choice of the diving community.

4. Learn more about the timepieces, from the movements to features.

It would take quite a while for you to fully understand complex horology concepts, but it’s crucial to try your best. Soon, once you learn more about watchmaking, everything would be part of your lingo. The most important thing now is to familiarize yourself with the different concepts. Be a well-informed buyer.