Development Trends that Mobile App Developers Have to Incorporate in 2019

I think it is safe to assume that whatever feature you can think of, there is an application for that. True enough, there are millions of applications in both the Apple app store and the Google Play Store. Now, since the market has become saturated, the mobile app development industry is, as you would put it, quite competitive, which is why there is a need for app developers to incorporate different development trends into their applications to make it relevant in this day and age. That being said, what are some trends that they can include in their applications? Read on to find out.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Do you have an iPhone? If so, are you constantly using Siri? Well, Siri is actually what you can call a product of artificial intelligence. With this innovation, mobile app developers can easily integrate such a feature in just about any applications that they intend to create.

Machine learning is just a branch of artificial intelligence and it helps provide more personalized services to the fore. It “learns” what you want and it will give you suggestions based on how you use your device.

New AR and VR Strategies

Pokemon Go is a game that put augmented reality on the map of different app developers. Although the game’s popularity has since waned, there is no denying that AR is just going to improve moving forward. Also, virtual reality is slowly inching its way back into mobile app development. With the coming of more competitive devices and VR lenses being more affordable, we can see a rise in more applications that utilize this particular technology.

Mobile Wallets

For a time, we are using our debit or credit cards to make online purchases and even paying at storefronts and restaurants. We use the medium than paying physical money, simply because it is much easier and more convenient to do so. Well, a new and more convenient way to pay for the stuff that you want to purchase is through the use of a mobile wallet. The premise is the same, albeit that you use your mobile application (and smartphone) to pay for your things. Google Pay is one of the best examples of this and other app development companies are following its suit.

More Wearables

Ever since the Apple Watch was released, more and more companies are making their own version of smartwatches. And, with the proliferation of smart devices that constitute the internet of things, mobile app developers will be able to find a way to bridge all of these things together to make our lives so much easier.

For instance, they can develop an application that would allow users to control a smart appliance from either their smartphones or their wearable gadgets.Although this would be deemed as a novel concept a couple of years back, it is no longer the case as you can see these things in the mass market nowadays.