Top 6 Best Affordable Watches

1. Bewell Wooden Watches

Getting a wooden watch is an amazing idea because it is unique and impressive. If you want to
make an impression in a casual social gathering, this timepiece can surely help you. This is
perfect for men who hate excessiveness, and opts for a more minimalistic vibe.

2. The Timex Chrono Range

Whether you are looking for men’s watches, or watches for women in Malaysia, Timex is still a
great option to look into. It is a safe bet for newbies who want to start a big watch collection, and
for those who love the outdoors.

3. Fossil Nate Chronograph

It’s possible that all people, even those who don’t collect watches, are familiar with the Fossil
brand. This is reputable brand that offers durable timepieces. The Fossil Nate Chronograph is a
high-quality, sophisticated model which is known for being heavy. Thus, it may not be for everyone.

4. Viable Harvest Wooden Bamboo Dial Watch

Apart from Bewell, you can also look into Viable Harvest for your first ever wooden watch. This
will look great on people who love traditional things. You can wear this timepiece with your
shorts and polo shirt.

5. Timex Weekender Chronograph Watch

We all love versatile watches. Why? Well, we can wear it anywhere and anytime we want–with
our jeans or a suit. The Timex Weekender may be cheap, but it can deliver great value. It is a
casual watch that you can wear while doing errands, or even during special occasions.

6. Smith & Wesson Men’s Military Watch

This military watch has three interchangeable watch bands. You heart that right. There are 3
watch bands that can wear in 3 different looks. It is rugged and sharp, and would surely look
great on any occasion or outfit.