What You Need to Know About Betting on Different Types of Horse Races

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Horse racing is arguably one of those exciting sports that many people bet on. But, with so many different horse races out there, it could be hard for people to know exactly where they should put their money in.

If you are contemplating on betting on horse races, then you are in luck. Today, I am going to provide the information that you need to know about betting on different types of horse races.

Flat Racing

This is probably the most common and the most popular form of horse racing in the entire world. The reason why it is popular is due to the fact that the horses are running on a flat surface, meaning, that is quite easy to attempt to know who is going to win (and therefore, allowing you to place your money on sure-winning bets).

Flat racing usually takes place in the month of March and November and the most popular ones in the world including the Breeders Cup and the Kentucky Derby, among many others.

When horses are run through a flat race, they will usually cover at least 5 furlongs up to 2 miles and above. The oldest and the longest flat race recorded is located in America at the Belmont Stakes.

To help you win in this type of horse racing, it is important that you turn your attention on the weather. Typically, the warm months of April and May are the perfect time for you to wager, since horses are known to be quite fast during this time.

Furthermore, it is best that you do not follow the trend or that you do not follow the most hyped up horses. They typically do not win and they are only “hyped up” in an attempt to sway people to lose.


Another quite popular form of horse racing, the Steeplechase is where horses are required to dodge obstacles and jump over fences. Steeplechase is an umbrella term that can be used to refer to these races:

  • Hurdle- This type of race requires the horse to jump over hurdles and is typically the shortest among the others
  • Hence- It is much similar to hurdle races, but the main difference is that they typically run in a much larger track and are required to jump over so many hurdles.

When you bet on a steeplechase, you have to know the gender of the animal you’re going to bet your money on. If you are going to bet, make sure that you either bet on a Filly (a female horse that is usually younger than 5 years of age) and a Gelding (which is a castrated male horse). These two types of horses are known to be durable and are able to jump over obstacles with relative ease.