10 Epic Web Design Trends in 2020

Bold Colors

This concerns using perfect, bold colors in your web designs. As many web design agencies say, the most important thing in architecture is probably colours. You can take your template wherever you want, make it say whatever you want with the use of proper colours. Use the color palette of Google to make the color choices more precise.

Semi-Flat Layout

Traditional flat design has evolved into a more subtle and attractive semi-flat design, which has been a trend for many years now. This form of design includes the same old flat design along with certain improvements to make it look and feel better.

3D Elements

In the near future 3D will definitely rule the world of design. With so many companies working to create 3D modeling tools and technologies, such as VR and AR, developing immersive 3D models and prototypes that not only look attractive but feel alive has become simpler than ever.

Landing Pages

You can understand the importance of well-designed landing pages on a website, particularly for marketing purposes, if you are a marketer. Nearly every marketing component includes using the landing pages to draw more targeted tourists.

Transition of Colors

In their logos and website designs, more and more companies now prefer to use multicolored transitions (combinations) than the traditional single-colored designs. The trend is to work well with all elements of the web design including buttons, tables, fonts, background and more.

Custom Graphics

If you are bored with using the same old stock images, this is the time to start playing with custom digital graphics. It’s a relatively new thing about design but it’s really amazing. A custom illustration will not only make the website design distinctive but will also make it very appealing for users.


The art of storytelling was mixed with real art (design) to make it more interesting to the users. Users like it better when they can understand the story from the concept itself, instead of reading plain text.

Vertical Dual Content

This trend in design was introduced with the aim of making better use of the visible screen space. Split screen designs allow you to display more than one key messages (image, text, etc.) on a single page (view area). It also adapts perfectly to the responsive sites.

Countless Videos

Videos are no longer limited to sites like YouTube that share the videos. Users like to see nice, high-quality videos on their favorite sites, especially when there is a story behind the website or a product / service / company in question. It may be a preview, introduction, presentation, or anything of interest to your website visitors.

Hidden Navigation Tools

Saving room is the reasoning behind covering the menu on a web page. Although it is unnecessary to some people because it certainly makes it difficult for users to find the menu, this trend is here to stay. Do not hesitate to use it on your page, especially if it improves the look of your design.