When we talk about gambling, not everyone agrees with this activity. Most of all, people that did not agree with gambling activities are because of religious perspective. There are many religion that did not accept gambling including Islam. It doesn’t matter whether it is physical gambling or online gambling such as live casino malaysia. Have you ever wondered why Muslim can’t be involved in gambling? Here are the reasons for that.


Gambling is an abomination


Islam allows all sorts of recreational activities including sports and games but clearly bans any game involving gambling. The Quran calls gambling an abomination of the Satan’s work. That is to say, it is a pernicious habit which can have devastating implications in the individual and social life of a person.


Gambling Serves Greed & Encourages Laziness


Gambling serves to feed one’s greed as the gambler continues to play for an unforgiving prize. He’s eager to get more of it once he gets it, so he doesn’t want to quit playing. He might think he has “a winning streak” and is unwilling to leave, but he plays on forgetting the passage of time, or his more important tasks.


It is an aversion to serious work and fruitful labour. Such a person gradually loses respect for actual human endeavors that bring real life-rewards. He becomes an addict to chance games. If he loses, he thinks his luck is eluding him for a while and he’s eager to come along with it and he is also  bent on pursuing it ever more.


Gambling make us far from God


A person who indulges in gambling disregards his Creator’s duties which he will postpone his prayer, or abandons it altogether. He becomes a victim of his own financial greed. That kind of person stops being religious. When a person can not regulate his or her lower desires, such as avarice and desire, religion has no meaning to him in day-to-day activities.


Gambling is unjust

If we research it seriously, we will see the reasons why gambling is so objectionable. It is in breach of the concept of fairness. From an Islamic viewpoint, justice is highly regarded. People wish to win money or properties by gambling which they have no right to. The gambler doesn’t struggle for his reward, nor does he deserve it; by pure chance he gets it, by fluke.

Gambling sparks hate and envy

Islam teaches that right to property is established through well-recognized religiously approved norms of society. This is a sacred right and no property can be taken away from him or her except by lawful trade, sale or charity. Gambling infringes these norms; and therefore, gambling incites enmity and hatred among men.

Gambling is addictive


You may think that there is nothing wrong with gambling just for fun. But from the Islamic perspective, anything evil on a large scale is evil on a smaller scale too.

From a small seed each wickedness develops into uncontrollable shape and scale. In fact, gambling has an addictive side too. It exerts a compulsion of its own. It is a danger to both the individual and society at large, for this reason.

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