5 UX Design Tips for Better Websites and Landing Pages

UX design is all about combining the art of web design to an effective digital strategy execution. Blending these concepts mean having a great landing page that can engage users, and motivate them to convert. There are various content elements that you can incorporate in your landing pages. Take note of the points below.

Utilize color psychology.

You don’t need to be a web designer to know that some colors can spark different emotions from people. Greens and blues are perceived as natural and calming. On the other hand, warm colors such as yellow, orange and red spark a sense of urgency and excitement. Take note of this when designing pages where you expect people to convert.

Optimize your contact forms.

Long forms will deter your visitors from finishing your forms. This can cost you a conversion. Remember to keep everything simple. Requesting a small amount of information is the most efficient way to begin the sales process.

Build trust and show transparency.

We all want to do business with brands which are honest and open with them. They will be very hesitant to convert if they feel like you are not giving them all the essential details. Make sure that your company has all the most important contact information. Utilizing reviews and testimonials is also helpful. The industry of web design in Malaysia is very popular for being completely transparent and trustworthy with their clients.

Utilize virtual hierarchy.

Your website content should be read easily read by visitors. People are not really reading each word in a blog post—they merely scan through it to look for the details they need. Help them collect the key takeaways from your pages. Add different style elements that will lead them to the primary points.

Follow UX best practices in your page copies.

Content marketers use SEO best practices in order to improve content. Following these industry standards can lead to high-quality content materials that can help you rank higher in the SERPs. Most importantly, this can give users a positive experience.