Best Affiliate Programs in Malaysia that You Need to Consider Today

How do people make money out of affiliate marketing? Well, the short answer is that they will promote their partner company’s products by creating content and they get a small commission for every sale that was made by using the affiliate link that the affiliate added inside said content.

That is pretty much the concept of affiliate marketing. Now, how do affiliates or publishers actually get partner merchants? Well, they can either sign up on an affiliate network or they can look for affiliate programs themselves.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is you pretty much disregard geographical barriers, simply because you can get any affiliate program that you want.

In fact, if you live in Malaysia, there are some affiliate programs there too! Today, I am going to be talking about some of them so that you can start considering them afterward.


Lazada is pretty much Asia’s Amazon because it sells a lot of products at affordable prices. Plus, a lot of people shop here due to convenience and the fact that they can find items that are not usually available locally.

You can find anywhere from baby products to electronics, automobiles, household items, health and beauty products, and so much more.

Since it is one of the biggest online retailers in Asia, their affiliate or partners program hands out hefty commissions of about 6%-12% off of every sale.


This is another popular online retail store in Malaysia but it mainly focuses on fashion items like bags, clothing, watches, among others.

The reason why I’ve included Zalora in this list is due to the fact that they hand out a 12% percentage commission on every sale. That is pretty hefty, considering that items here are not cheap at all.


If you are passionate about photography-related products and you review them, then I highly recommend that you be a Shashinki affiliate.

Although you only get a small 3% commission off of every sale, they do sell mostly photography-related products, including cameras, camera lenses, microphones, and so much more.

If you are into photography, I definitely recommend you to become Shashinki’s affiliate.


Exabytes mainly sells digital products like Servers, VPS, email, web hosting, domain registry, etc. They follow a pay-per-lead model where you are given a commission every time you entice someone to sign up on their service.

Instead of a percentage commission, you will be given a flat fee anywhere between RM500- RM 599.50 depending on the product that the consumer ended up getting.


Because a lot of people now want to have their own digital presence, most of them are looking for easy-to-use website builders that provide them with a lot of options at their disposal.

Easystore happens to be one of them and they are actually pretty good in what they do. They provide you with a whopping 20% percent commission for every person that signs up on their service.


The company that created the ever-popular Windows Operating System, Microsoft is also looking for affiliates as well. They sell mostly digital products such as Microsoft software and some games and they pay you a generous 10% commission off of every sale.