Importance Of Voicing Out Unjust Treatments

We wake up every day getting ready to live our day to the most whole, knowing that there are people in some part of the world who have to go through violent and oppressive acts by the authorities. Most of us are going through phases of oppressions by the government ruling the country and higher-ups, especially our bosses. There are so many people from different industries with malicious behaviours as they never think of the feeling of people underneath them. 

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The most straightforward example that we can take is how many employers exploit their employees to the driest bones possible. They tend to violate the human resources’ laws against the employees because they believe they are at the top and no one can say oppositely from what they think. We can clearly and vividly witness how unfair things can be these days in many corporations. Many employees are paid halfheartedly despite the workload that is piled up like there is no end to it. Yet, the payment is not even fulfilling. Workplace stress stems from an inadequate source of income that can lead to unhappiness that is super dangerous for our mental and physical health. 

No one should be living in fear and be oppressed by other people. This is why it is immensely important to be vocal about any injustices happening worldwide. Voicing out the truth and revealing the bitter scheme of the higher-ups will affect them due to the solidarity of the oppressed. Some of us must be confused and clueless about how are we supposed to use our voice and channel it to the right cause. The answer is easy, you can start slowly by utilising your social media, no matter how many followers you have. When you speak out about it, others who read will notice that there is a space for us all to give out opinions and help each other. 

If you believe in the campaigns, you can help spread the words by making up simple digital posters as they are easier to pass on different online platforms. We should try every other medium in spreading the words that can reach the newer and younger generations because we are the future of the world. You can also create something like how web design company malaysia is doing specifically to advocate strongly on various campaigns. 

It is extremely vital that we voice out unjust treatments because we will be able to uplift marginalised people’s voices. The oppressed ones usually do not have a solid medium to stand for themselves therefore we need to be their tool to defend themselves. We might think that these are small matters and insignificant but that is wrong. When people say social media activism does not tally with the real world, that is actually the enemy saying trying to get you down and burn down your spirit. 

If you are a person who has a great career and big name in the industry you are working for, channel your anger and support to the right place.