Results-Proven Approaches in Creating a Great Website Design

Intuitive Scan-ability and Navigation

Navigation is arguably one of the most important features of website design. Not all people read everything they see on web pages. Most of the time, they just scan the content, and if it fails to satisfy them, they leave the website. Make your pages easy to use by designing it based on intuitive scan-ability.


Do you know that you only have three seconds to impress your users, the moment they view your website? Failure to grab their attention means lower conversion rates. To avoid this, regularly test your landing pages. Remove all the elements and features that may slow it down.


Do you want to reach a wider set of audiences? Having a responsive website design can help you accomplish that. More and more people are accessing the internet through their mobile devices. If you want to improve your online presence, you need to leverage on this new way of life.


Search engine optimization is an important aspect that must never be overlooked. What is the use of having a beautiful website if it fails to rank high in search engines? Exercise good habits when it comes to formatting your website and adding keywords.

Minimalist Design

Keep everything simple. Gone are the days of complicated websites. If you have too much text and widgets around your website, ask your website developer to remove them. These elements can distract people from seeing your most important content.

Keep it everything consistent.

Apart from minimalism, consistency is something you must never forget to practice. Make sure that your color schemes and fonts match your branding perfectly. If not, your web pages would look poorly designed.

Quality Photography

We are all visual creatures. Will you love a website with pure text, without engaging, quality images? Great photography is one of the reasons why people buy products online. See to it that your photos are crisp and hi-res.