Simple Tips to Match Your Watch with Your Outfits

You might think that wearing your favorite watch is as simple as buying your favorite automatic watch, for example, and wearing it no matter what the occasion is. Well, if you want to look goofy, then go ahead. But if you want it to improve your appearance, you are going to want to read the entire article first to find out some simple tips to match your watch with your outfits.

Match It with the Color of Your Shoes

There is a reason why watches are not made equal and that is so that you can match its style with the style that you are going for on a given day.

For instance, if you are going to a casual affair, wearing a watch with a leather strap will look really good on you. A chronograph watch, although bigger in size, will also look nice on you, especially if you have a big and muscular body.

Ideally, if you are wearing black leather shoes, you also want to be wearing a black leather strap. If you are wearing brown leather shoes, then go with a brown leather strap.

Resin bands are okay if you are wearing sneakers or any other informal footwear.

Metal is a Safe Option

If you do not like the idea of mixing and matching the color of your shoes with the color of your straps, then go with the safest option: Metal watchbands.

A watch that comes with metal wristbands will almost always look good on anybody no matter what the occasion is. If you are going to wear it on formal events, though, you are better off finding a good dress watch with an appropriately sized metal watchband for a good pairing.

Metal Provides Good Contrast

Another reason why you’d want to go with a metal watchband is that it just looks good on almost anything that you wear. For example, if you are wearing either white, black, gray, or even light-colored clothes, a metal wrist strap will look really good on them.

Be that as it may, you may also want to invest in a watch that allows you to quickly and easily swap the straps when needed. A leather watch, although requires a bit more stringent rules when it comes to styling, will look even better than metal watchbands in some cases.

Heirloom Watches Have Rules of Their Own

If you are given an heirloom watch from your grandfather or from someone close to you, the rules that I’ve mentioned above do not apply. That is because an heirloom timepiece holds a piece of history that it will always be a good conversation piece regardless.

To make it look good on you if you decide to wear one, you have to have it serviced so that the parts will be renewed or replaced to make it work like brand new. Furthermore, the watch might have received some scratches over its lifetime, but having it polished from a reputable store really helps from an aesthetics standpoint.