Some Cool Interior Design Ideas to Help You Store Your Bike the Right Way

There are so many things that can define a man and one of them is if they have a bike of their own. And no, I am not referring to those mountain bikes that you used to ride in high school; I am referring to those big bikes like the Harley Davidson and other motorcycles.

As apartments and lofts get smaller and smaller, the typical, man might not have enough storage space to store their precious bikes.

Fortunately for you, I happen to have some ideas from some of the best top interior design firms in Malaysia to help you transform your home in a way that accounts for your bike storage.

If you want to know what these ideas are, do read the rest of the article.

Invest in a Multi-Purpose Shelving Unit

You might be surprise to know this but you can actually buy furniture that can help house your motorcycle in the most unique way possible.
The furniture that you will get that will act as a shelving unit for your bike will depend on the size of your bike, as well as its other characteristics.

Build Your Own Bike Stand

Because you are going to house your own bike, it is best that you build your own bike stand. This does not need to be metal because you can opt for some hard and durable wood instead.

If you are not comfortable building your own bike stand, you can instead go to a store that will help you build a custom one (for a price).

Consider Wall Mounting

If you buy a bike specifically for display purposes, you might as well just invest in a wall-mounting system.

Again, the materials and the size of the wall mount will depend on what bike you intend to place on the wall. The bigger the bike, the sturdier the materials you should use.

Pulley and Winch

Now, if you do not have a motorcycle and instead you are riding a bike, you can invest in a pulley and winch system to help hoist it to your ceiling. This is great if you do not have ample storage space on the floor, though you have to make sure that the pulley and winch system is sturdy enough for your bike.

Gravity Racks

Again, if you have a lightweight bike, I suggest that you also invest in gravity racks. These racks are quite handy in that they do not require any tools whatsoever for installation.

All you have to do is to stick them to the walls and that’s it. It has adjustable arms to ensure that you have your bike in the proper orientation for storage.

Ground Anchor

If you really do not have ample storage in your apartment or loft, then consider getting a ground anchor instead. These can easily be installed outside and are made of durable materials such as hardened steel or one that has a plastic shield.