Website Hosting Best Practices for B2B Companies

1. Leverage on the free domains.

Apart from spending additional money for another name registration, find a website hosting provider that provides free domain. Look into the best web hosting companies in Malaysia. Apart from free domains, most of them offer easy-to-use tools that you can utilize to make the most out of your platform.

2. Make sure that the IP of your website host is not blacklisted.

In a shared hosting plan, it takes just a single bad client to ruin everyone else’s experiences. Have you ever wondered what can happen if the IP of your server is blacklisted? If their IP is blacklisted, it will stop you from doing decent business. That means you can’t send emails because all the other servers can block your email, and every message will just bounce back.

Don’t worry. There are tons of locations out there where you can check if the IP is blacklisted.

3. Read the full terms all the time.

Reading terms and policies can be time consuming, boring and long. It is a fact that many people hate reading these kinds of legal documents. However, it is important that you completely understand what you are up against. Take the time to read all the policies. This simple task can save you from headaches and inconveniencies later on.

4. Understand what comes with the unlimited part of web hosting plans.

The word “unlimited” is often used to indicate many privileges that clients can enjoy. That includes the following:

However, “unlimited” doesn’t always mean “unlimited.” It is, in fact, limited.

5. Always keep yourself updated and informed.

Website hosting firms are constantly evolving in various aspects, most especially in uptime guarantee. Settle with a web hosting provider that fully understands your needs, and has great plans for you. Be prepared for all the changes that may occur along the way.